Carolyn Bartoletti

Internet Marketing Consultant

About Me

I enjoy my life. I love a fresh cup of coffee in the morning as I sit by my Mac – usually in my jammys lol. I read through my emails to see who I can help next.

I am a proud business owner of 16 years, with over 28 years of experience in the field.

I contributed my success to listening to my clients to pinpointing the perfect design. I take the time to get to know them and their business. Understanding the purpose behind their business and full comprehension of the company values, target audience, the competitive environment is key. Then I set up a creative and manageable marketing strategy. It all comes together in a beautiful interactive design with just the right touch of flare to compliment the companies charisma.

Growing up in Suamico, Wisconsin I am a huge Packers fan. I obtained my Graphic Design Degree in Arizona. I’ve always been fascinated by the colors, textures and the magic of nature. It’s been an amazing journey. Starting as Art Director at Fox 11 in 1990 where I created my first website – My passion for Internet Marketing was ignited. I evolved into an Internet Marketing Consultant at Infinity Technology. My job title included logo design and developing full Internet and print marketing packages. In January of 2002, following the American dream gbFREELANCE was born.

Now the sky is the limit, working with a wide array of industries, including international distribution, manufacturing, aviation, dentistry, emergency rescue, funeral homes, fabrication, retail, photography, healthcare, home builders and non-profits.

My passion is art. I love to sketch up ideas and turn my vision into a masterpiece. I am inspired by nature and search for perfect image to wet my paint brushes. I’ll stop everything to take a beautiful photograph. I call it an “Art Attack!”

Let me help you!

I specialize in getting your business recognized on the web.