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Carolyn Bartoletti

Internet Marketing Consultant

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This is My Story

With 14 years of service, I have learned, to get it right the first time I need to get to know my clients –  both professionally and personally. As a project manager, I strive to see my client’s vision in detail – colors, layout and functionality. Making it a point to take the extra time to ask questions to understand the purpose behind the business. A full comprehension of the company values, target audience, the competitive environment is a necessity to set up a killer marketing plan. Similar to a private eye, once the interview and research is done the clues falls into place and the mystery of marketing is solved!

Growing up in the small town of Suamico, Wisconsin, I’ve always been fascinated by the colors and textures of nature.  At Bay Port  High School  I basically lived in Art class; drawing, sketching, painting, jewelry and my favorite working with clay on the potters wheel.  After graduation, the night shift at McDonald’s financed my big move to Scottsdale, Arizona where I pursued my Associates Degree in Graphic Communications.

Six years later, I moved back to my home town and landed my first graphic design job at FOX 11. I worked my way up to Art Director and developed my first website, My passion for Internet Marketing was ignited, evolving into a graphic/web designer at Infinity Technology. In January of 2002, following the American dream gbFREELANCE was born. I now work with a wide array of industries, including international distribution, manufacturing, aviation, dentistry, county rescue, funeral homes, fabrication, retail, photography, healthcare, home builders and non-profits.

My passion is helping others create their vision. I love to sketch up ideas, brainstorm marketing concepts and be inspired by nature. I’ll stop everything to take a beautiful photograph. I call it an “Art Attack!”

So let me help you create your vision. Give me a call for a free consult. (920) 676-0421

  • Brand Strategy 80%
  • Internet Marketing 75%
  • App Development 50%
  • Customer Happiness 99%